How to treat nail fungus at home?

Toenail fungus can be treated not only with medicine, but also with the help of traditional medicine. The main thing to learn is that the treatment of this problem with folk remedies is possible not only in the early stages of the disease, but also in the early stages.

How to treat nail fungus


Try to fight fungal infections with iodine. Everyone knows how strong an antiseptic it is. The tool works well with mushrooms at home and does not require large financial costs, as in the first aid kit in every home.

Iodine has strong fungicidal properties, causing proteins to clot and kill them. Due to the protein structure of the nail fungus, this product quickly destroys the infection.

The main advantage of iodine is its availability and safety. The tool destroys many types of fungi. It is advisable to perform an allergy test before treatment as the product may cause allergic reactions. This is done on the elbow. If you feel itching and redness, it is best not to take iodine therapy. The drug is ideal in cases where less than 1/3 of the nail plate is affected by a fungal infection.

Take 5% iodine solution. Treat problem areas of the nails twice a day. In addition, for preventive purposes, you can perform such a procedure with healthy nails.

Tea mushrooms

To get a therapeutic mixture against a disease, you need to soak Kombucha in sugar solution for a week. After brewing the mixture, you get a sweet and sour drink. Such a tool has unique features. Destroys pathogenic bacteria and stops their growth. Kombucha has long been used to treat toenail infections. You can use the product in two ways: as a rub or as a compress.

For the first method, take a slice of kombucha and peel it from the films. The product is then crushed and rubbed on the nail plates with a fungal infection. This procedure is performed twice a day.

For compresses, the layer should be separated from the fungus and immersed in water. The tool for compresses is ready and you can perform the procedure. It is best to do this before bedtime. Put the fungus on the sore nail and insulate with cellophane and socks. Sometimes this treatment can cause pain.

After sleep, the compress is removed and the feet are washed in warm water. After that, you can start removing the keratinized parts of the nail. After that, the damaged areas are treated with a bright green color. The full recovery course is 7 days. To strengthen the result, extend the treatment for a day or two as a preventive measure.

How to get rid of nail fungus with salt?

Table salt has disinfectant and emollient properties, as well as antiseptic effect. Table salt can be used as an additional treatment. Dissolve a pinch of salt and soda in cold water. Take foot baths for 10 minutes. Remember to rinse your feet with clean warm water after the procedure.

Another effective tool is to apply salt pads to problem areas. For a teaspoon of salt you can use a swab dipped in a solution of concentrated sea salt in the ratio of a glass of water. Compress for 2 minutes, then wash your feet with warm water. The course of treatment with salt is 10 days.

Sea salt is combined with essential oils

Such baths are prepared in 10 days. Take a pot of warm water and add half a teaspoon of salt to each liter of water. Mix the salt well, then add 4 ml of essential oil.

Garlic juice against nail fungus

To prepare such a medicine, take a tablespoon of table salt and crushed garlic.

All components should be dissolved in a glass of water. Filter the mixture, treat problem areas twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar helps eliminate nail fungus

Only 9% vinegar is suitable for such treatment. In an acidic environment, the fungus dies quickly. You can eliminate the symptoms of fungal infection even in the advanced stages. Keep in mind that an additional course of vinegar treatment may be needed.

The best way to use vinegar at home is to soak your feet in it and then wear warm socks. The procedure is performed before bedtime. You can mix the same amount of iodine and 9% vinegar. With this mixture, lubricate the plates of the nails and feet where the fungus is. The bite quickly fights the fungus, but if you overdose, you can get burns.

Vinegar-based baths

To prepare the bath you need a basin of water and 250 ml of vinegar. Will make apple or table vinegar. Heat the water and pour the vinegar into it. Immerse your feet in the basin and steam for at least 10 minutes. Perform the procedure before bedtime. Such baths should be taken every two days.

You can make lotions from vinegar. Soak a swab in vinegar and apply to the affected area of the fungus. For convenience, you can tie the tampon with adhesive tape and wear warm socks. The course of treatment with this method is once a day with a frequency of 2 days and a week.


Celandine is a poisonous plant, so it is very important to follow the dosage. Although the grass is neglected, it helps to get rid of toenail fungus at home. You can buy concentrated celandine juice and prepare lotions at the pharmacy.

After steaming and completely drying the feet, the nails should be lubricated with celandine juice. Treat the nail plate with the product three times a day. Continue therapy until a healthy nail plate grows.

Celandine-based baths

Add celandine infusion to the foot bath. It is quite easy to prepare. To do this, you need to infuse 100 grams of grass in a liter of boiling water. The decoction is brewed for 20 minutes. Strain and use as a bath. Steam your feet for at least 10 minutes.

Celandine juice

Take to prepare a therapeutic mixture:

  • 5 drops of celandine juice;
  • 75 ml of water;
  • 2-3 drops of calendula tincture for alcohol;
  • 2 drops of oregano juice.

All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed. Lubricate nails affected by the fungus at least 3 times a day and you can quickly get rid of the fungal infection and eliminate its symptoms.

Celandine alcohol tincture

Celandine alcohol tincture is recommended to use with caution.

To prepare such a tool you need vodka and celandine herb. The composition is taken in a ratio of 2: 1. The drug is infused for at least 12 days. Use tincture to treat fungus on the feet. Start with small doses, gradually increase the dose to 5 to 20 drops.

Important tips

Remember that treating a fungal infection is not an easy task, especially if you decide to solve the problem at home. Although traditional medicine uses natural ingredients to make ointments, tinctures, and decoctions, many remedies have contraindications. Contact a specialist to make sure a particular alternative treatment method is appropriate.

You may not have enough folk remedies for your condition and will need medication. It is better to eliminate mycosis at the first symptoms than to treat an advanced disease. If you see the first signs of fungus on your nails, consult a doctor in time to avoid catastrophic consequences.

An experienced specialist will be able to conduct a thorough examination and identify the main causes of a fungal infection that will effectively combat the disease. In addition, only a doctor will be able to warn the patient about possible contraindications to certain folk remedies.

Many people believe that herbs are completely safe, but in fact they turn out to be no less contraindicated than drugs.